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About Attorney

           Ms. Garcia is committed to assisting her clients in resolving their family law matters through constructive representation and counsel. She is committed to the ethical and professional representation of all clients and believes that contested cases can be resolved using all legal resources available without compromising the client's dignity or, when children are involved, overlooking the best interests of the children.

           Ms. Garcia's practice philosophy can be summed up by three words- Collaboration, Strategy and Preparation.

COLLABORATION- Ms. Garcia works closely with her clients and does not delegate important client contacts to a paralegal. She personally keeps her clients informed of developments throughout the course of their cases and returns calls in a timely manner.

STRATEGY - At the onset of representation, Ms. Garcia develops a strategy with her clients. She devises a strategy based on the particular issues as well as emotional and economic considerations presented by a case. As a case progresses, she reevaluates the strategic plan with her client to assure the advancement of her client's needs and interests.

PREPARATION- Ms. Garcia believes that preparation is key to advancing a client's interest. She prepares her clients for constructive participation in negotiation and mediation. For court hearings, she explains to her clients the judge's perspective, the significance of evidence and rehearses clients for court testimony.

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